Alex Damiani

Python Coding Enthusiast

Quantiative Developer @ ABR Dynamic Funds, LLC



Hi, my name is Alex Damiani. Right now I'm working as a Quantitative Developer at ABR Dynamic Funds, LLC. ABR is a seven person mutual fund company managing volatility strategies by trading equity and VIX futures. I'm the sole software developer, IT technician, etc. Basically, if there's an electric current flowing into it I'm in charge of it.

I started coding when I first entered college on a recommendation from my dad and haven't stopped since. As of 2020, I'm coming up on 10 years of coding.

My language of choice has been Python the last five years. The honest reason being I enjoy coding in it more compared to any other language I have coded in, and I've done meaningful coding projects in over 10 programming languages at this point.

I've found Python so helpful in my job and personal projects that I've started a Youtube channel as well where I am steadily releasing tutorial videos on how to code in Python. Please check it out with the link on the left side of the page.

So far I haven't found anything I couldn't code up, and I'm hoping to keep the streak going. Anyways, thanks for visiting my website. Feel free to send me an email if you'd like to get in touch.